More than just plans…

Our ultramarathon training packages are more than just plans. We’ll prepare you physically, but we’ll also prepare you mentally for the challenge ahead, and help you make the right decisions about your kit. Whether it’s a plan for a trail marathon you need, a 50km ultramarathon, or full bespoke personal coaching, you’ll follow a structured plan that covers mind, body and kit aspects of preparation every week.

When you purchase one of our packages, we will also give you access to our members only Strava Club and Whatsapp group so you can talk to, be encouraged, motivated and helped by other runners. It’s a club after all, and seeing other runners working towards their goals, sharing their highs and lows, and ultimately becoming your tribe and support network, will hugely increase your chance of success.

If you don’t see what you need in one of our 4 standard programmes below, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Trail Marathon/base builder
  • 50km
  • 50 mile
  • Bespoke personal coaching
Programme 1/4

Bespoke personal coaching

Custom Built Ultramarathon Preparation Designed For You

Your personal ultra coach will design a  programme that matches your fitness level and is tailored to the distance, terrain, and conditions of the ultramarathon you are targeting.

You will cover all aspects of ultramarathon preparation, ranging from mindset and kit preparation, through to race day planning and recovery.

You’ll have regular (weekly) access to one of our certified Ultra running coaches so you can reliably test and adjust your training along the way, and access our expertise to help tackle any challenges you face.

If you have seen enough, subscribe below to make your first monthly payment of £150 for accessing this service. Alternatively you can contact us to find out more

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    Programme 2/4

    Half Marathon to 50k

    Our Half marathon to 50k programme gives you the structure and consistency to safely build mileage towards your 50k event.

    This programme helps to:

    • Build your physical fitness.
    • Build essential mental resilience you will need.
    • Guide you in making informed equipment choices to help ensure your kit is prepared, comfortable and works for you, not against you, throughout the event.
    Subscribe for £40 per month
    Full Programme
    Or a one off payment of £160
    Programme 3/4


    Our Marathon to 50 mile plan guides experienced runners training towards a significant increase in event distance. The plan gives you the structure and consistency to safely build mileage towards your event; building physical fitness and the essential mental resilience you will need. It will also help you make informed equipment choices and ensure your kit is prepared, comfortable and works for you throughout the event.

    Subscribe for £40 per month
    Full Programme
    Or a one off payment of £160
    Programme 4/4

    training for a marathon

    More than just a plan, this NEW programme follows the Ultra Training Club ethos equipping marathon runners mentally and physically for their challenge. This programme is also suitable to help aspiring ultra runners to build a base before progressing on to programmes for ultra events.

    Subscribe for £17.50 per month
    Full Programme
    Or a one off payment of £60


    An Ultramarathon is challenging in many ways – it is not simply the distance (see How an Ultramarathon differs’) – and all of our training courses have been designed to take this into account. More than just ultramarathon training plans, all of our packages – whether for a trail marathon, 50km, 50mile, or bespoke personal coaching – will guide you through taking a structured approach to preparing yourself for your ultra, covering mindset and kit as well as physical preparation.

    Our approach is broken down into 4 week blocks, with each block focused on a specific aspect of your training. Our team have built in their own experience, knowledge (and quite a collection of personal ‘lessons’) to help you fully prepare and avoid some of the pitfalls, mistakes and pain we have suffered on our own Ultramarathon journeys. Each 4-week block includes details on preparing physically and mentally, as well as ensuring your equipment is ready and won’t let you down on the day.

    View programme phases

    50m improver runner Says

    Ultra Training Club have helped me think differently about my running. Training is more effective and I am far more confident going into my next event. Their posts and advice about the mental side of ultra running really resonated – it’s cool to hear about other people getting on with it even through the ups and downs. I’ve found the approach to learning about the practical side – water, fuel, kit – really valuable, helping me learn along the way so I get it right on the day.

    100 Mile First Timer Says

    Signing up for the 108 mile Spine Challenger was a leap into the unknown, it was also frankly madness! But with the support of Ultra Training Club and their insights and advice I stepped onto the start line fully prepared. I trained consistently, knowing that UTC were there to hold me to account. And I put into practice all of the tips and advice ensuring I built my mental resilience and prepared for all eventualities.

    Throughout my journey to the start I knew that UTC had my back; I always had the support I needed, even when I couldn’t decide what shoes to wear!

    I finished the 108 miles in 37.5 hours – I finished because I was mentally and physically strong (and none of my kit let me down). I made mistakes, but every time I did I was able to fall back on the fantastic advice and knowledge that UTC had given me.

    I have no doubt that without UTC this would not have been such a good, and enjoyable experience.

    50km first timer Says

    Longhorn day arrived and with the training behind me I set off. Sticking to a better tempo and taking on energy as recommended ensured that ‘all was good’ when I got to the 42Km point and started into the unknown. As the Kms moved on I found the legs still in good shape and I finished the 50km a minute over the 5hr mark! Without the expert guidance of Ultra Training Club I would never have achieved this feat and I am very much looking forward to the next ultra in the near future. As an added bonus working with Ultra Training Club has also improved my marathon times … taking 8mins off my previous personal best.



    Can I start my plan any time?

    Your plan assumes you are starting straight away on the first week when you buy – but you can navigate your way around the plan according to your schedule eg if you are starting in 4 weeks time, the plan will tell you when you log in 4 weeks from now that you are on week 4. However you will still be able to navigate to week 1 and follow the plan from there from your account page. We can adjust this if you let us know what and when your event is and when you want to start training! Simply get in touch.

    What happens if I get injured?

    It happens and we’re sorry. Get in touch! Depending on the circumstances we will be happy to pause your plan and make sure you can continue where you left off at a later date.

    What if my event gets cancelled?

    Get in touch! We can pause your plan so you can try again for the next one.


    We’re passionate about sustainability at and as a result we are really pleased to partner with trees not tees – participate in one of our ultramarathon training programmes, and we will plant a tree for you. Once the tree is planted, a certificate and a picture of the young tree will be sent to our runners, along with a geolocation in the what3words format. Find out more at Trees not Tees.