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Ultra training can be lonely, our club is your virtual training team and support network. Run with us.

We’ll be bringing you the best advice built on our own experiences; introducing tips and ultramarathon training plans to holistically train for Ultra success, with a blended approach to ensure you effectively prepare your mind, body and kit. More than just training plans, our marathon, 50km, 50 mile and bespoke ultramarathon and trail marathon training plans will educate you with everything you need to know.

Our support will keep you on track and accountable, helping you reach your goals.

Our Approach

You may be thinking that running an Ultra can’t be that hard, I mean 50K isn’t that much further than a marathon right? And in some ways the transition from road marathon to Ultra isn’t that hard, if you prepare for the differences properly. In fact the physical running training is a logical, not too extreme, progression from a normal half or full marathon training plan. But an Ultra has a different set of demands, and whilst we believe that with the right training anyone that can finish a half marathon can train to run an Ultra, we know it requires a holistic approach to training; preparing your body, mind and kit.

The UTC approach focuses on ensuring you are fully prepared to deal with all aspects of your Ultra challenge.

Our Holistic Training Programmes

All of our programmes are built in-house by our team of experienced runners and coaches to help you develop and achieve the best performance possible.

Whether you’re looking to step up to the next level or simply improve your performance in ultra running, our team can help you get to where you want to be!


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