We can’t run away from this

“We can’t run away from this” is the new book from record breaking ultra runner Damian Hall. It is not, in essence, a book about running, but it is a book that every runner should read. The book examines the impact of running on our climate and ecological emergency. Packed with insights from experts, it is an enlightening read which will prompt us all to really think about our kit, food and travel, and to identify simple changes we can make to our behaviour.

Some of you may be tempted to stop reading at this point – but this book really is a must-read. Packed with science, it will help dispel some of the myths that have built up around your running (think you need to replace your shoes after 400 miles to prevent injury?), as well as terrify you – if you weren’t already terrified – with well researched, well presented, accessible examples of how the environment is changing and just how much our running habit can and is contributing to that change.

Although this is inevitably at times somewhat depressing reading, Damian manages to introduce some light hearted moments by including an impressive array of what can only be described as climate change themed dad jokes. More importantly though, the book is absolutely packed with positive changes that you can make as a runner – whether it be by reducing your travel, thinking more carefully (much more carefully) about your kit needs, your diet, and much else besides. Each chapter includes a helpful and extremely practical “but what can I do?” section at the end – much of which I was able to immediately act upon.

We’d recommend this book to any runner but for ultra runners, who tend to be focussed even more on the natural world and maintenance of the trails we love so much, AND tend to accumulate even more kit than the average runner who sticks to the roads, this book will prove eye-opening and habit changing. Must-read.

A contribution is made to trees not tees for every book sold and you can pre-order the book now at Vertebrate Publishing.

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