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Researching Your Event’s Route

Each Ultra event is different. Knowing the details of your event and the route itself means you can tailor your...
Finishing a 100 miler; drained, exhausted but successful!

Being Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is key to Ultra success To complete any Ultra you need to be mentally tough. But what is...

Basics of Ultra Nutrition & Hydration

First a caveat: we are not nutritionists, so the following is based on our experience, common sense, and the ‘numbers’...

Finding training routes on trails

If you are planning to run a trail Ultra, finding training routes on trails when you can clearly is the...

Improving your performance – consistency

This is a guest article originally written and published here by Ronny Wilson. It’s one of our more technical articles,...

Should I take a training break?

Taking a break is important The benefits of taking short rest intervals from cognitive tasks is well researched. For example,...

Cadence, Form and Speed in Ultratraining- a personal perspective

Cadence, steps per minute, the magic 180… this is a pretty controversial subject, there’s a lot of science, a lot...

The Lakes and learning from failure

I have a difficult relationship with the UK’s Lake District. It’s beautiful. Stunning. Some of the most beautiful views to...